slip*Buster Cleaner/Degreaser

A Powerful non-slip cleaner/degreaser that grips where others slip! slip*Buster Slip*Buster Cleaner/degreaser is a concentrated formula specifically designed to help costly slip/fall accidents on all hard mineral surfaces. use safely on ceramic tile, quarry tile, glazed tile, granite, marble, limestone, porcelain bathtubs, concrete, exposed aggregate and terrazzo.

Why slip*Buster Cleaner/Degreaser?

slip*Buster is the cleaning industry’s leading anti-slip hard surface floor cleaner. slip*Buster Cleaner/Degreaser unique formula includes a biodegradable surfactant formulated to penetrate and completely emulsify grease, grime and slipper residues left behind by daily wet mopping. It is perfect for cleaning kitchen floors, factories, pool decks, showers, rest rooms, entryways, walkways, steps and ramps.

Accidents can be prevented!
Slip/fall accidents are the nation’s number two accidental killer!

Surface Comparison
Daily wet moppingwith conventional floor cleaners can often form an invisible, slipper build-up of soap scum and grim in the microscopic pores of your floors. When used properly slip*Buster Cleaner/Degreaser effectively removes this slipper build-up and increase static coefficient of friction (SCOF) when wet on all hard mineral surfaces.

Treated vs Non-Treated

Proven Product
slip*Buster treated surfaces meet or exceed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for surface safety.

– Powerful non-slip cleaning action instantly begins to make floor less slippery under wet conditions.
– Versatile – Use in automatic scrubbers, mop buckets, pressure washers or for manual cleaning.
– Economical – Can be diluted with up to 30 parts water and helps to reduce costly slip/fall accidents.
– Use as a Warranty Maintenance Cleaner on floors treated with slip*Buster treatment.
– Easy to use, pleasant odor, nonflammable, low VOCS.